Mahogany's behind in taxes, owner responds

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The owner of Mahogany's at the Banks restaurant in downtown Cincinnati responded Thursday to the company being behind in its taxes.

"I just don't understand how someone can be ridiculed for making payment arrangements and trying to complete their financial obligation," Mahogany's owner Elizabeth Rogers told 700 WLW's Bill Cunningham during his talk show Thursday.

The state of Ohio in December secured a judgment against Mahogany's At The Banks LLC for $9,671.48 for sales tax and one for $12,424.04 for workers compensation, according to court documents.

Rogers is three months behind in her payment of a $300,000 loan from the city of Cincinnati. Her last full payment was in October, according to the city. The restaurant made a partial payment in January and the city expects to receive another partial one this month, according to city spokeswoman Meg Olberding.

"They have been in touch throughout the months of November, December and January that they were unable to pay those months," Olberding said. "Unfortunately this has been a difficult winter season for the restaurant and their sales have been lower than projected."

Rogers said she's made double payments and paid early. She leases her space at The Banks. She said she doesn't consider her predicament a misfortune.

"It's just the cost of doing business," she said. "It really is."

Rogers said she paid her sales taxes but that it was just filed late.

"Am I the first company that's ever filed something late? Am I the first company that has ever paid anything late? No," she said.

Rogers said when it is snowing, icy and cold people aren't going to walk to The Banks, especially not during the day.

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