Zoo asks for help naming their 8-month-old bonobo

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Zoo has yet to decide on a name to their newest addition - an eight-month old bonobo.

The baby girl was born on November 17, 2013 to mother Kimia and father Vergil. Thursday was her official debut.

Following a Facebook naming contest, the primate keepers at the Cincinnati Zoo have sorted through more than 2,400 name suggestions. They have chosen their top four favorites.

The four names chosen are:

  • Kibibi (meaning little lady in Swahili)
  • Dalia
  • Ruby
  • Nellie

Which name do you like best? You can let your voice be heard by voting in the Cincinnati Zoo's poll.

This is the Cincinnati Zoo's eighth bonobo birth. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of only eight zoos in the country to exhibit bonobos. There are few bonobos left in the wild and are considered the most endangered of the great apes.

Formerly called the pygmy chimp, the bonobo is slightly smaller than the common chimpanzee. Sharing more than 98 percent of its DNA with humans, the bonobo is our closest living relative. Like humans, bonobos live in family groups and are highly intelligent.

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