Game day brings added security measures to UC campus

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Public safety is always a concern around campus at the University of Cincinnati. Thursday's matchup drew the biggest crowd all season at Fifth Third Arena.

"I've been a UC fan my entire life, obsessive UC fan so to have them be number seven is pretty awesome," says Caroline Leach, a junior at UC.

But with large crowds, comes more responsibility for police. Students say hearing alerts about robberies and shootings near campus makes them a bit more self aware.

"Earlier in the year when it was smaller games I would never just walk to it alone off campus, it's pretty rough," explains Jason Vandijk, a junior.

"It's always going to be bad crime around here. I mean, it just is what it is," says senior David Grimm.

But UC interim police chief Jeff Corcoran says they're used to big games like this, and they're well prepared.

"You know as you get a larger crowd of people in an area you actually have a lot less of a crime issue simply because there's too many witnesses," explains UC Police Chief Jeff Corcoran.

Inside the game, Corcoran says they have authorities from Cincinnati Police and Hamilton County Sheriffs Deputies helping them out. Students say they appreciate the extra effort.

"I see cop cars go around the streets and stuff and it makes it feel better," explains junior Caroline Leach.

"There's definitely an increased awareness, they're driving around with their lights on," adds junior Nick Adamic.

"I think we're doing a pretty good job though with the security," says senior David Grimm.

Many students say they're going to keep filling the seats this season, and they're not going to let a recent crime spree, scare them away.

"If you're with a group of kids or group of people you should be fine," says Adamic.

"It really just kind of depends on the person. To me I'm not usually worried about that, but you know your parents are always telling you to be safe," explains junior Tyler Celek.

UC's Men's next home game is Saturday February 15th against Houston.

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