Fight continues to clear icy roads

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - It is a battle we are all in together. Snow seemingly covered in a shell of ice that even the toughest tools are having trouble breaking through.

Steve Banfield who works for the City of Covington spent part of Friday breaking through frozen gutters with a shovel in Mainstrasse.

"It's ice you know. Pretty much. A lot of it just gets covered up when you are plowing. And it's just a catch 22," says Banfield.

It is just another consequence of rock solid snow and ice refusing to go away.

"This particular storm was pretty bad because when it hit, it snowed and then the ice came. We were told to go out on priorities. Hit the priorities and by the time we go back to the residential it's frozen," says Tyree Jackson.

For days, Jackson has spent 12 hour shifts in a city plow truck trying to chip away at some of the frozen streets in Cincinnati. But plows and salt can only scratch the surface.  With temperatures below freezing for several days, the City of Cincinnati is practically an ice rink.

"It becomes very hard. You have to just treat. Try to plow what's actually there once it melts, push it out of the way and then try to come back and do it over and over again until you get a clear road," says Jackson.

"This ice is so hard and so thick that it's like running into a concrete curb or something when you hit it," says Banfield.

A little sunshine can help but without some help from mother nature, everyone is fighting a losing battle.

"That's our job. We just can't really help it," says Banfield.

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