Gaslight District residents and businesses look forward to new grocery

Natural Foods store moving to Clifton

CLIFTON HEIGHTS, OH (FOX19) - Clifton's Gaslight District will soon be getting a new grocery store.

The co-owner of Clifton Natural Foods, Bob Craig, said he is moving because his current location is going the way of the wrecking ball.

"The people that own this building are selling it after all these years and there's going to be a development in here so this building will be coming down,"  Craig explained.

After a year of searching, Clifton Natural Foods found a new location on Ludlow Avenue, which Craig  predicts will be good for the store and the neighborhood.

"It feels like more of a community down there and I think that's what we are. More of a community grocery store and that's what we're going to strive to be down there. We're really going to try to listen to the community and bring them what they want."

Customers like Williams Andrews agree that the grocery has a close-knit feeling.

"It's more of a family like environment. You can come here and everybody takes care of you."

The move is a big deal because the Gaslight District does not have a grocery store, and residents are looking forward to having more fresh food options in the neighborhood.

"It means a lot. You know, IGA shut down. You know, it means a lot that we just walk down the street and get what we need the essentials." Kellen Reeves, who lives a few blocks from the store's new location, said.

Other local businesses are hopeful that the grocery will benefit them as well.

"It's going to mean a lot for the other businesses here. It's going to generate a lot of foot traffic and we're all excited about it," said Ludlow Wines owner Mike Anagnostou.

Besides health foods, the store carries the staples like bread, milk, eggs and produce.

"It's actually going to be a little bit closer to me so I'm not too upset about it," said Chandler Stevens, a loyal customer planning to still shop there after the move.

If all goes as planned Clifton Natural Foods will open at its new location in early May. Meanwhile, the long awaited renovation of the Clifton IGA store remains stalled.

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