Cincinnati Public Schools report to school today

CPS has school today

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Public Schools were supposed to be off today but mother nature has other plans.

Students are making up a snow day and FOX19's Kelly Rippin reported live from North Avondale Montessori with details.

Rippin tells FOX19 that teachers were supposed to report to school without students but frigid temperatures and snow have changed those plans.

Cincinnati Public Schools are having a calamity day today. They are allowed five days off a year but they've already had to use extra days because of the recent weather.

Rippin tells FOX19 that the concern is what to do if they continue to make days up. They'll have to explore various options in order to keep the students from making up days in the summer.

Tonight, Cincinnati Public Schools are going to vote on something called "Blizzard Bags." This new idea is a way to teachers to send work home with the students.

Cincinnati Public Schools are hoping this new concept with help lessen the make-up days in June.

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