Lakota now bussing more students

Dan Wells live in West Chester

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - More Lakota students are now riding the bus to school.

In November, a levee was passed in the Lakota district to give the Transportation Department 1.2 million more dollars for bussing within Lakota.

This new deal applies to kids in grades 2-6 who live outside a one mile radius of their individual school. Starting this morning, they are now eligible to get on the bus.

Cuts first went into effect in January of 2011. In August of 2012, Lakota went into full state minimums meaning  there were 2-mile transportation exclusion zones put into place.

That exclusion has been somewhat lifted today because of the 2,400 kids within the one mile radius being given transportation to their elementary school.

This new concept has parents wondering whether or not they are eligible. Lakota posted a section on their website that breaks down what parents need to know in order to sign their kids up for bus services.

To learn how you can sign your kids up for bus service, visit

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