Trending today: Michael Sam, Danish zoo & Dumb Starbucks

There's a coffee shop in LA that looks exactly like Starbucks and serves pretty much everything that Starbucks serves - only with the preceding word "Dumb" (Twitter/@MarkMcCune).
There's a coffee shop in LA that looks exactly like Starbucks and serves pretty much everything that Starbucks serves - only with the preceding word "Dumb" (Twitter/@MarkMcCune).

(FOX19) - While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. And it's amazing what the Internet comes up with.

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NFL prospect Michael Sam proudly announces he's gay

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told The New York Times and ESPN on Sunday he is gay, and the 2014 NFL Draft prospect plans to become the first openly gay player in the NFL. His teammates have known since August, he said.

"I want to thank everybody for their support and encouragement,especially @espn, @nytimes and @nfl. I am proud to tell my story to the world," Sam tweeted.

Outrage after Danish zoo kills giraffe to prevent inbreeding

The Copenhagen Zoo killed a 2-year-old giraffe and fed its remains to lions as visitors watched, ignoring a petition signed by thousands and offers from other zoos and a private individual to save the animal. The zoo said it euthanized the male, named Marius, on Sunday because of a duty to avoid inbreeding as recommended by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

Marius' story was shared 600+ times and hundreds commented on the FOX19 Facebook page. It was also one of the most clicked on stories this week on

You snooze, you lose on 'Flappy Bird' game

'Flappy Bird', the most addictive game next to Candy Crush Saga that soared to the top of iPhone and Android app downloads, is no longer available. The developer pulled the game from app stores on Sunday (though players who already have the app are good to keep on flying).

"I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down," developer Dong Nguyen tweeted on Saturday. "I cannot take this anymore."

The game is simple: steer a tiny bird through an obstacle course of metal pipes. It's a recipe for procrastination.

Dumb Starbucks rockets to social media fame

An independent coffee shop has opened up on the West Coast using the same name, logo and store layout as any branch of the Starbucks chain – with a "dumb" in front of everything.

"Dumb Starbucks is not affiliated in any way with Starbucks Corporation. We are simply using their name and logo for marketing purposes," the shop claimed. "By adding the word 'dumb' we are technically 'making fun' of Starbucks, which allows us to use their trademarks under a law known as 'fair use'."

Dumb Starbucks claims to be completely legal under "parody law"and is now open (for the time being) at 1802 Hillhurst Ave. in Los Angeles, California. The shop's two baristas were hired on Craigslist, and people have been tweeting and instagramming their "Dumb Venti Vanilla Latte."

Reds' Joey Votto advances to next round of #FaceofMLB

Defending #FaceofMLB champ of Joey Votto narrowly beat Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt in Round 2. Fans can vote by including #JoeyVotto and #FaceofMLB in their tweets. Follow @MLB or updates on the competition.

What caught Frank's eye: Air Hockey Robot Project

Recently, 3D printers have been used for all sorts of projects. Someone made parts for an air hockey table, complete with a robotic camera, that will play with you.

Take a look:

What caught Tracey's eye: Golden pup loves watching tennis

There's a precious golden retreiver who loves to watch sports on television. Including in his interests (but not limited to): The Super Bowl, tennis, jumping and barking at the TV.

So cute:

What caught Denise's eye: Pet squirrel hides his nut in family dog's fur

If you haven't been introduced to Wally the pet squirrel, you should probably get acquainted. YouTube user Shannon Apple has multiple videos of the cute squirrel getting into mischief, including the time he hid his nut in Jax's fur (the family's Bernese Mountain Dog).

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