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Jacki Jing reports: Protecting your identity when getting rid of electronics

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Consumer alert: You may have seen commercials that claim to give you cash for old cell phones or iPads.

Hundreds of websites pop up on the internet offering you cash for your old tech devices but which organizations are safe?

FOX19's Jacki Jing took a deeper look inside which organizations you can trust and how to keep yourself protected from identity theft.

Last week, Jing introduced the concept of 'tech hoarding' and the various ways you can get rid of your old electronics. Now, Jing says it's important to do your research before picking an organization.

Tech Expert Dave Hatter says,"check the better business bureau, check consumer reports, there are a lot of computer industry magazines, like CNET and CDNET."

However, even if the site checks out with the Better Business Bureau, there are other drives and storage areas on your phone that you might not know about.

It's important that your phone is completely clear before you sell or donate.  Hatter tells FOX19, "The phone could be storing data on that SD card that you don't even realize it's putting on there."

Jing tells FOX19 that If you're selling a phone, you don't want to destroy the hard drive because that's what makes the phone valuable.

Hatter says that the phone is completely useless if the internal hard drive is destroyed but gadgets can be wiped with software or checked by a professional.

Hatter says if you want to donate, it's best to work with local agencies. There are a lot of great organizations like Warren County Developmental Pathways Recycling Center.

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