District hopes for first full week of school since winter break

VILLA HILLS, KY (FOX19) - At River Ridge Elementary, this is the first day of what teachers and administrators hope will be a full week back at school. That hasn't happened since winter break.

"This is the first year I've ever experienced over ten snow days. I feel like every night you go to bed not knowing if you'll be at school the next day or not," says second grade teacher Tory O'Connell.

This has made it interesting to teach elementary students, who often thrive on routine. But Tory says she's making it all work.

"With education, you have to be flexible and you have to be ready to adjust you lessons and move them around as need be," says Tory.

In every classroom at River Ridge, that's the mantra right now.

"Now more than ever, making every minute count. That's something I stress to our staff and students. Now more than ever, making ever minute of the day count," said principal Shawna Harney.

Staffers at River Ridge say they are hoping the interruption in instruction will not affect learning and test scores for students.

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