Ice storm has lasting impact on on-street parking

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Last week's snow and ice storm is well behind us, but it's effects are still being felt.

Even though the streets are pretty clear now, many of Cincinnati's on-street parking spaces are tough to get to, as they're caked with ice and snow.

"Obviously we can't really control the weather, but it'd be nice to have cleared off spots to park," said Brooke Anthony, who lives in Hyde Park.

Anthony had to run a quick errand in Mt. Adams on Monday. She pulled into a spot covered with snow to park.

"Already it's kind of hard to find a place to park. Lucky enough, somebody pulled out, I pulled in, and it wasn't too easy," she said.

For her, it's not much different when she has to park at her home in Hyde Park.

"It's a similar situation. It's almost the exact same, if not worse than this right here," Anthony added.

It's the same story for drivers in parts of Clifton. One UC student is thankful he's got a parking pass for situations like this. But, it's not always so easy.

"There'd be a lot more parking if the snow wasn't here. I'd have somewhere to park when I take my girlfriend to her sorority. I literally had to park in an intersection the other day to drop her off," said TJ Mullaney, who lives in Clifton.

That's part of the problem in the city's quest to clean up.

"Not been able to open a few streets with cars are parked too far from curb - our plows won't fit - Can work with your neighbors to move cars?"  That's a tweet posted Sunday from Cincinnati's Public Services Twitter account.

Those cars parked away from curbs were cutting into their progress.

"That car is half in the road. I wouldn't park here if I didn't have to," Mullaney told FOX19.

FOX19 has reached out to the Public Services department to see if there are any plans to clean up parking areas, or if they'll be out to remove the leftover snow.  So far, no answer.

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