Medical websites: Helpful tips from Tri-state doctors

(FOX19) - Are you guilty of searching the web for your ailment? The search results can be scary and usually questionable.

However, several top doctors around the Tri-state have some helpful tips.

"Sometimes people will come in with stacks of paper about a bunch of different symptoms and diseases that they think they have," explains Doctor Amar Bhati from Christ Hospital.

Bhati says many people tend to Google an ailment before visiting a physician. However, Bhati says many of the top sites on the Google search list can be misleading and hard to navigate.

"I mean Web M.D. is a good website, but it's a more for-profit thing, so there's even more advertising," says Bhati. "The websites we try to encourage are the hospital websites because they're more directed."

He says local hospital websites have less clutter and advertisements. These sites are more specific and in-depth. Hospital sites have longer descriptions and video diagrams.

A new system at Christ hospital called "My Chart" even allows patients to email medical assistants.

"It's an email situation where the patient can contact the doctor directly through the internet," explains Bhati. "It kind of gets filtered through the medical assistants. If it's something they can't handle it comes to the physician quickly."

So if you're feeling sick, go local.

Dr. Bhati's other favorites include Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic. He also recommends downloading app MedScape.

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