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Shirley Temple sings "On the Good Ship Lollipop" during the 1934 movie "Bright Eyes" (YouTube/ Damien Chemillé)
Shirley Temple sings "On the Good Ship Lollipop" during the 1934 movie "Bright Eyes" (YouTube/ Damien Chemillé)

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Shirley Temple, legendary child star, dies at 85

Shirley Temple died from natural causes in her California home late Monday night. She was 85. The iconic child star made more than 40 movies before she turned 12. The dimpled, curly-haired child star who sang, danced, sobbed and grinned her way into the hearts of Depression-era moviegoers has been honored across social media all morning. 

Temple sang "On the Good Ship Lollipop" in the 1934 movie "Bright Eyes," which became one of her trademark songs.

She later served as U.S. ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana. Her husband of more than 50 years, Charles Black, had died just a few months earlier.

How TV drives conversation on Facebook

Did you know just under a quarter of the audience for the finale of "Breaking Bad" participated on Facebook in some way during the show? Approximately 80% of TV related chatter on Facebook comes from mobile devices, and 60% of TV related posts on Facebook happen while the show is airing.

The first in-depth analysis of Facebook's social TV data was released Monday in a partnership with SecondSync, and it's the first time Facebok has released social TV analytics at this scale. The report is called "Watching with Friends."

What does this mean for you? Marketers are already highly invested in Facebook and are exploring real-time marketing. You could begin to see Facebook providing its trove of data to deliver perfectly timed, situationally aware ads to you at home on your phone while watching "American Idol," "Game of Thrones," or "The Bachelor."

Ellie Goulding coming to Horseshoe Casino

The British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding will perform at The Shoe, Horseshoe Casino's outdoor concert plaza, on May 7 to kick off this summer's concert series. The announcement was posted on her Facebook page. Presale tickets will be available Wednesday, Feb. 12 and tickets for the general public go on sale Friday, Feb. 14.

What caught Frank's eye: Mutts wow crowds at Westminster dog show

Mutts are finally getting some respect at the world's most prestigious dog show. Mixed breeds were allowed in Westminster Kennel Club held its first agility competition that takes place before the main event.

What caught Tracey's eye: "Chucky" bus stop prank

The most terrifying prank to ever happen, happened. It shows unsuspecting people waiting at a bus stop in Brazil before a prankster dressed "Chucky" jumps out from behind a poster - all to promote the "Curse of Chucky" film.

What caught Denise's eye: Turn your truck into a snowmobile

You can now drive your 4x4 truck onto a product created by Track N Go that will essentially turn your vehicle into the ultimate snowmobile. For a price, a set of four tracks will make for an awesome Sunday Funday.

What caught Jeff's eye: Sleep or finish the ice cream cone?

Have you ever been so tired you just couldn't keep your eyes open, but you also had a yummy ice cream cone to finish. This boy had the same dilemma.

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