5 Facebook posts you'll see on Valentine's Day

5 Facebook posts you'll see on Valentine's Day
Who needs Valentine's Day when you have Galentine's Day?
Who needs Valentine's Day when you have Galentine's Day?

(FOX19) - Whether you love Valentine's Day or not, there's no escaping it. Especially on Facebook.

Here are five guaranteed posts you'll see on your News Feed:

The "Flowers Sent to Work" post

Someone's significant other loves them enough to send flowers to work. They took a picture of the bouquet sitting at their desk, added the X-Pro II filter on Instagram and spammed everyone with the new desk decor.

The "Romantic Dinner" post

As the saying goes, if someone eats dinner and didn't Instagram it, did they really eat it? Expect the romantic meal shot prepared by someone's boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, complete with red wine and candles in the frame.

The "We're Engaged" post

You know someone is going to the pop the question on Valentine's Day. And Facebook has become the modern day newspaper announcement for engagements.

The "Galentine's Day" post

Who needs chocolates, flowers and a boyfriend when you have gal pals. Am I right???

The "Anti-Valentine's Day" post

What, Valentine's Day? I thought it was Friday. Plenty will play the I-don't-care-about-Valentine's Day card. "Valentine's Day is overrated," says one status update. "You shouldn't need a specific day to show your love for someone #pointlessholiday," another bitter Facebook friend writes.

To summarize: Valentine's Day, in theory, is a day devoted to love and showing someone special that you care. But sometimes the expectations for Valentine's Day and romance, combined with what we see on social media, can mean no one wins.

Communicate with the people you love and cherish them. There's no right way to observe Valentine's Day, and there's no right way to show love.

Do what makes you happy. And eat chocolate.

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