Street lights out along I-75, weather is to blame

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Street lights are out along I-75, and this is yet another example of how mother nature is causing problems this winter.

There's several outages between I-275 and Buttermilk Pike as well as from Dixie Highway to Kyle's Lane.

Bob Usleaman commutes along I-75 all the time. He's says he's not the biggest fan of driving at night. This just makes it worse.

"The expressway is dark enough, especially with a four lane highway and it's hard to tell because the lights come up behind you and blind you through the rear view mirror," says Usleaman.

So what's keeping drivers in the dark on the freeway?

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says there's a short in the lighting system on certain stretches of Interstate 75 both north and southbound, and the junction boxes are all covered up.

"We can't get to the junction box because of all the snow and the ice that we've had to plow to the shoulders so we can't even get to the area to make the repair safely," says Nancy Wood.

Nancy Wood with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the mixture of bitter cold temperatures and ice is making it tough on removing this mess.

"It's hard and it's just not easy to get to. Some of our plows even to a point can't break away some of the ice," adds Wood.

Many say even driving with headlights, not having streetlights is a public safety concern.

"If there's no lights there for three or four miles, it makes a big difference," explains Usleaman.

Many folks throughout the Tri-State are struggling to dig out of the snow, and Wood says it's just as difficult on their crew members especially working so close to high speed traffic.

"We don't want to jeopardize them in putting them in situations that they don't need to be in," says Wood.

Usleaman understands drivers don't have these lights on every interstate, but it does help.

"It is a concern but it's just one of those things right now that we just can't get to make the fix," explains Wood.

Wood says getting all the lights back on is a top priority once everything is thawed out. Wood adds they expect the lights to be fixed in about a week or two after the ice thaws out.

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