LA Slayings

Detectives link prison inmate to dozen Los Angeles slayings

An man serving an eight-year sentence on a rape charge has been linked by DNA evidence to the killings of 12 women in Los Angeles. Another man was wrongly convicted of three of the slayings. Police plan to give prosecutors evidence next week against 37-year-old Chester Turner. He may eventually be linked to as many as a dozen other killings. The 12 women were killed between 1987 and 1998, most of them within a 30-block section of South Los Angeles known for drugs, violence and prostitution. A cold case homicide team began unraveling the case after a DNA sample taken from one of the victims was linked to Turner. Authorities say the former pizza delivery man has been in and out of prison more than a half-dozen times. Most of his convictions were for nonviolent crimes including theft and parole violations.