Lisa Hutson reports: What 800k could have done for Covington, KY

(FOX19) - Nearly $800,000 was stolen from Covington taxpayers. The money was allegedly taken by former Finance Director Robert Due.

FOX19 wanted to know what that money could have paid for if it had not been stolen. If you ask Covington taxpayers, there is no shortage of answers.

"They had all these meetings and they didn't catch it for a decade? To me it sounds like nobody is doing their job," says Joe Johnson, a business owner and tax payer in Covington.

Johnson says he can list hundreds of things that could have helped his community if the funds had not been stolen.

"$793,000? That could of have gone for--they could have used that for incentives to bring small businesses into Covington. Job services. I mean education. I mean there is a thousand things. It could have went back to the tax payer. You know the people that are earning it," says Johnson.

According to, $793,000 could fund one year's salary for 15 Covington police officers. That same money could pay for 19 firefighters. It is money Johnson hopes his city will get back one way or another.

"The list goes on and on. The big thing, what they should have done was do a much better job of watching it. No one person should be in charge of that," says Johnson.

Since this fraud was discovered, the city says they have hired a new Finance Director and an Assistant Finance Director to add more oversight and supervision to the finance department. The city says they are taking every step to make sure this never happens again.

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