Meteor Makes Brief Appearance

What may have been a meteor made a brief but bright appearance over the skies of Ohio and Kentucky late Sunday night.

Calls started coming in to police agencies and newsrooms shortly before midnight. Some callers reported seeing a meteor and a flash of lights, others just saw the flash. One caller to FOX19 described the light from the meteor as "a beautiful emerald green". Others also reported a green flash.

The northernmost report as of this writing was made to a newsroom in Cleveland, and the farthest south was three calls that were made to a Lexington station from people the city of London in South Central Kentucky. A Louisville TV station and to State Police posts in southeast and east central Indiana said they didn't get calls. The opposite was true for the Athens Ohio State Patrol post which told us they got several calls and that neighboring posts in Lancaster and Portsmouth had also had calls.

Reports in the Cincinnati area came from Florence and form Milford Township in Butler County. The highest concentration of calls seemed to be to the State Patrol post in Warren County which got about five. A dispatcher at the Hamilton County Sheriff's patrol said they had not received any calls.

One possible source for the sightings might be the Orionid Meteor Shower, which is going on now. Meteors from that shower appear to originate from the constellation Orion ("The Hunter"), which is the constellation seen each winter which has three bright stars evenly spaced all in a row.