Suspect arrested in Avondale couple's murder

Brandon Thomas, 29 (CPD photo)
Brandon Thomas, 29 (CPD photo)
Adam Bostic, 31, and Betty Thomas, 28 (CPD photo)
Adam Bostic, 31, and Betty Thomas, 28 (CPD photo)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A wanted man in connection to a double homicide in Avondale last month has been arrested in North Carolina.

Brandon Thomas, 29, was taken into custody on Monday following a traffic stop in Granville County, which is an area just north of Raleigh.

Police issued aggravated murder warrants for Thomas after 31-year-old Adam Bostic and 28-year-old Betty Thomas were found tied up and shot to death inside their Avondale home.

Police said two small children were found in the other room.

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell told reporters in January that homicides are almost always personal, and detectives believe the shooting could have been drug related.

"Usually in these home invasion style homicides where there is some type of nexus with drug activity, you will see a heightened level of violence," Chief Blackwell told FOX19.

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