Scammers prepare to cash-in on your tax refund

Photo Courtesy: Ken Teegardin via Flickr
Photo Courtesy: Ken Teegardin via Flickr

CINCINNATI (FOX19/CNN) - Tax refunds so far this year are averaging a little more than $3,300 each. And that's quite an enticement for scammers.

If you haven't filed yet, choose wisely. Avoid those tax preparers who claim they can get a bigger refund than the other guys. After all, it's your name on the line and you don't want to get involved in any allegations of tax fraud.

Protect yourself from identity theft, too. Scammers are finding new ways to swipe your info and file fraudulent returns. Your vigilance shouldn't end after you get your refund either. Documents that contain your Social Security number should be locked-up safely.

If you have sensitive documents on your computer, make sure you change your password often and keep your anti-malware software up-to-date.

Also, stolen information isn't necessarily used right away. So keep tabs on your credit report throughout the year.

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