'Snow-bergs' causing heavy damage to Tri-state vehicles

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Body shops are calling them icebergs. The huge piles of snow you see have now molded into frozen masses and are almost as tough as concrete. The damage they are causing isn't cheap.

"They've hit something really hard. See how that is moving around? That shouldn't move around like that," says Rich Feldkamp.

He is showing our cameras the damage on a Ford Explorer, one of a dozen vehicles he has worked on over the last few days.

"You can't see what the damage is until you take the front cover off," says Feldkamp.

Most of the 24 cars sitting in Carstar's Body Shop on Dalton Avenue ran into the exact same problem.

"We are seeing a lot of snow bergs or icebergs is what I like to call them. They are causing a lot of damage to bumpers, wheels, headlights, radiators," says Nate Allen, General Manager of Carstar Cincinnati.

Allen says piles of snow and frozen ice are a lot tougher than you may think. They are causing an average of $2,400 in damage per vehicle.

"A lot of people are surprised at the amount of damage it can actually cause. It doesn't look too bad when you first see it. Once we actually tear down a vehicle that is when you see the whole story," says Allen.

It is as story Allen says no one wants the bill for. His advice is to not take any chances when you see a pile of melting snow or ice. Also, with rain on the way, take slow all the time just in case.

"We get a lot of sliding into cars, a lot of rear bumpers, front bumpers so just take your time. You don't want to come and see me," says Allen.

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