Mason couple battle breast cancer together

(FOX19) - One Tri-State couple says their love has been strengthened in a very unexpected way.

FOX19's Amy Wagner has more on their lessons of love after battling breast cancer:

Like pizza, the best marriages have just the right ingredients.

Patty Stump and Mike Shroder, the husband-wife duo who own West Shore Pizza in Mason, have one ingredient they wouldn't wish on anyone.

When what Mike thought was an ingrown hair didn't go away, a doctor diagnosed him with the last thing he ever expected.

Not long after, following a routine check-up, Patty heard the now familiar diagnosis as well.

Four and a half years later, Patty's breast cancer made an unwanted return.

While the two survivors serve up heart shaped pizza on the day meant for lovers, they reflect on the impact their battle with breast cancer has had on their love.

The couple now have a stronger bond and an appreciation of each new day they spend together.

Ingredients for a marriage filled with love, that's what has weathered their battle of breast cancer.

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