Could John Kasich be a presidential candidate in 2016?

Could John Kasich be a presidential candidate in 2016?

That idea is being floated by more than a few Republicans and at least one Democrat - Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.

Whether or not John Kasich makes a bid for the presidency remains to be seen, but what are his chances if he chooses to run? That all depends on who you ask.

"I think the guy certainly has those kinds of ambitions," says Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman, Tim Burke. "He wanted to run for president back when he was just a member of the United States Congress. Do I think he's going to become President of the United States? Absolutely not. I don't think he's going to be re-elected as governor."

Burke also says Kasich's slip in the polls doesn't bode well, but Xavier University political scientist Mack Mariani says Chris Christie's recent troubles makes a Kasich run more likely.

"He's broadly acceptable to the Republican base," says Mariani. "He does have some fences to mend though and that's among the more conservative members of the Republican Party, which is a sizeable number, who were upset over the expansion of Medicaid."

Meanwhile, Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann believes the governor would be a viable presidential contender.

"He's run a large state. He's brought it out of financial turmoil. I think America could do a lot worse with leadership like that," explains Hartmann.

Hartmann says Kasich's accomplishments make him well suited to run the country.

"I think all that equips him with one to get re-elected, but following that gives him the ability to be a strong candidate for the Republican Party. It's wide open," adds Hartmann.

When asked about a possible presidential bid, Kasich's press secretary told fOX19 that the governor is focused on fixing the state and putting Ohioans back to work and that politics is a distant, distant second.

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