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Good afternoon! Most of the Tri-State will be under a flash flood watch beginning at 3 p.m. We have a chance of severe weather this evening with the combination of rain and melting snow posing a chance for floods. Click here for the entire forecast. 

Here are the top stories today:

Cincinnati is starting a pothole blitz. So far this winter, the city of Cincinnati has had over 1,000 pothole complaints.

A former PTA President was arrested for theft. She is accused of stealing PTA funds and transferring them to her personal account.

Ukraine officials are saying protesters captured 67 police in Kiev. Street fighting between civilians and police has continued in Kiev as 33 people have been left dead so far.

FOX19 Investigates: Sin City Spending. Thousands of Tri-State residents and businesses have donated millions of dollars to support the Cincinnati Parks Department and Parks Foundation and they recently took a trip to Las Vegas that cost over $9,000.

19 arrested, 25 charged in area meth bust. Yesterday, authorities charged 25 people in a major methamphetmine bust that spanned throughout counties in Indiana and Ohio.

Woman crossing street with son gets hit by car. The suspect is still at large.

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell is currently hosting a news conference. He'll be outlining a four-month long investigation involving multiple departments. FOX19 will update with details after the conference is over.

What's trending today?  Facebook stuns with $19 billion WhatsApp purchase and Dear Abby shuts down anti-gay couple.

In case you missed it: Brody Flynn has Down syndrome, but he doesn't let that interfere with his love of football and basketball at Scott High School.

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