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Your Week in Viral Videos: Give gifts to children who watch you work

The latest video by Dude Perfect is rife with product placement, but the pingpong tricks more than make up for it. (Source: Dude Perfect/YouTube) The latest video by Dude Perfect is rife with product placement, but the pingpong tricks more than make up for it. (Source: Dude Perfect/YouTube)

(RNN) – Everything Dude Perfect does goes viral because their videos are perfect, dude.

Not only are they back with another trick shot video, but they're using a new ball. Footballs and basketballs get boring after a while, so it's time to step things up by shrinking them down with a pingpong ball.

And a tiny ball needs a tiny hole, so why not use a Pringles can? It's perfect, dude.

If you aren't familiar with Dude Perfect, the group is known for trick shot videos and celebrating everything they do like it's the greatest thing that's ever happened. Now they can add producing elaborate commercials for potato chip companies to that list.

For those who prefer their Dude Perfect unsullied by the dirty money of major corporations, you might want to skip this one. Nah, scratch that, it's still awesome … er … perfect, dude.

One trash man is a treasure

There's a boy in California named Daniel who goes into his front yard every week when the recycling truck comes by to watch the garbage men make their rounds. He's autistic and something about the whole process fascinates him.

There's a man in California named Manuel who drives by Daniel's front yard every week to collect the trash under Daniel's watchful eyes. He's awesome and something about being watched by a little boy made him want to do something nice.

So Manuel bought Daniel a toy garbage truck, which happened to be just like one Daniel used to have until it broke. The whole thing is fantastic.

B-Willie feat. Les-dogg

For the next week or so, everything Jimmy Fallon does will go viral, because he now hosts The Tonight Show and he gets famous people to do weird stuff.

Rather than creating hoax videos to prank the media a la Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon chooses to take real broadcasts by the media and edit them into rap songs. The best thing about his latest venture is that he could've probably gotten Brian Williams to do the rap just by stopping him in the hallway and asking him.

(Fallon: Hey, Mister Brian Williams, sir, would you come on my show and rap? Williams: Yes, little Jimmy, I will, because you brought The Tonight Show back to New York, which is the only city in the world, and I would love to do anything to support you.)

But, instead, Fallon just edited some of Williams' reports from NBC Nightly News into a rap with a little help from correspondent Lester Holt. Honestly, it's better that way.

Thank you, Mario, for wasting your time

Beating Super Mario Bros. is a feat worth celebrating. It's the quintessential video game. The whole thing is based on gathering coins, killing enemies and scoring as many points as possible – that is unless you make it a point to gather absolutely no coins whatsoever, let all your enemies live and score the absolute bare minimum 500 points required to play the game to its conclusion.

Seriously, who has the time to dedicate themselves to this pursuit?

Animal of the week

What is this weird piece of sheet metal doing in the middle of this field, and why do these goats like climbing onto it? Just look at how nimble they are. And these aren't even mountain goats. They're just regular land goats.

These four goats are playing the most goat-tastic version of king of the hill ever to see who will be the goat of goats, or the G.O.A.T. of goats.

(WARNING: Stay away from the old male alpha goat on the left. He's so full of himself he doesn't even play, just head-butts anything that invades his goatonal space.)

More stuff for when you're bored (Olympics edition No. 2)

The Olympics are basically over at this point, but one of the coolest things that came from them was in one of the least TV-friendly sports. The Jamaican bobsled team knew it had no shot at a medal in Sochi, so it decided instead to win the gold medal of the Internet with a comical video synced to the bobsled track. The video stands alone well, but it was an epic win when the words of the song ("to the left … to the right") described the action perfectly.

How much do you know about curling? This video narrated by British nature film icon David Attenborough will not help you understand curling, but it will help you laugh.

Sochi reportedly had a lot of problems, and so did Bob Costas, who hosted NBC's primetime broadcast. Matt Lauer was gracious enough to fill in for Costas when he had pink eye and then asked him if he was taking a red-eye flight home. See, it's funny because Costas' eyes were red. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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