Dan Wells reports: What crews are doing to fix future mudslides

Fixing mudslides

(FOX19) - The mudslide on Columbia Parkway has been fixed but what about the next time?

FOX19's Dan Wells is live with more on what the city is doing to make a permanent fix.

Mudslides are an issue that Cincinnati deals with from now all the way through May.

The city of Cincinnati alone has 50 miles of retaining walls holding up hill sides all over the Tri-State.

Some problem areas include River Side Drive, Columbia Parkway and Elberon Avenue in Price Hill.

In all of those situations, heavy equipment crews have to come in and clean up the mess.

Wells spoke with city engineers and they say it's just not cost effective to have a permanent fix. It's actually cheaper for them to just fix it when the situation arises.

Believe it or not, there is actually a retaining wall holding up Mt. Adams that is documented as one of the most expensive projects in the Unites States.

However, Engineers say more walls like the one in Mt. Adams just wouldn't be economically feasible.

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