Crispy duck breast recipe from The Incline Public House

(FOX19) - The Incline Public House stopped by FOX19 to share their recipe for Crispy Duck Breast:


  • Duck Breast: 4
  • Salt: TT
  • White pepper: TT


  • Score the skin on the duck breast (try not to cut into meat).
  • Season the duck on both sides.
  • Place duck in sauté pan skin side down.
  • Turn heat on (med-high) and let the fat start to render.
  • Watch the heat, if it seems to hot turn the heat to med.
  • Check the skin to make sure fat is rendering and starting to get crispy (about 8 min).
  • Once skin has a nice crisp to it flip and continue to cook.
  • You can pull off the heat when internal temp hits about 130 (med-rare/med).
  • Let the duck rest on cutting board with a piece of foil over it for about 5 min.
  • Slice duck.
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