Local leaders seek answers on Brent Spence Bridge project

Brent Spence bus trip

(FOX19) - Local leaders are getting a firsthand update on the Brent Spence Bridge project this morning.

Some of them are heading to Columbus and FOX19's Dan Wells is live at Kenwood Towne Center where the buses are leaving.

About 172,000 vehicles use the bridge daily. Drivers are 3-5 times more likely to get into a crash on the bridge.

There's a push to get the project going because breaking ground next year will save $75 million.

The big talker is whether tolls will be used on the new bridge. Supporters say tolls will allow the bridge to be paid for without raising taxes.

However, opponents say tolls will increase traffic because of all of the stopping and starting.

Here are some facts that we know:

  • 172,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily.
  • 3-5 more are likely to have a wreck on the bridge.
  • Breaking ground by 2015 will save nearly $75 million per year in inflation savings.
  • Almost 2 gallons of fuel are wasted due to traffic congestion.

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