Kenton Co. Police find children, elderly woman living in 'disgusting' conditions

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Police in Kenton County strike out on a search for a wanted person, but what they found instead is being called "disgusting."

Inside a home on Walnut Road in Latonia Lakes, officers found two children (ages four and five), several adults, 13 dogs and several cats living in deplorable conditions littered with animal urine and feces.

Officers charged Christina Kurtz, 29, with second degree criminal abuse.

"The mess that was in there is rare.  We don't tend to see things on this scale," said Det. Andrew Schierberg with the Kenton County Police

Police say inside the home, an 89-year-old woman was in a bed, unable to move on her own.  They say that bed was covered in urine and feces.

"The animals treated the entire house like their litter box. There was animal feces and urine all over the floors and all over the furniture," said Schierberg.

Robert Lile lives in the home. He admits what police say they saw and found is true.

"They're not wrong," Lile said.

He explains the problem started with his sister's love of animals and bringing rescued dogs to the home.

"Who wants to clean up after that many dogs on a daily basis?  It's just too overwhelming," Lile said.

He says the clean-up fell on those inside, even though, as he says, his sister and another man were to be responsible for them.  He tells FOX19 it's all just too much to handle.

"Having to watch over my mom, and having to watch over Christina's kids, plus all the dogs, it's just, basically, too much," said Lile.

Kenton County Police officers called for an ambulance to take the elderly woman to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Edgewood.  The children were removed from the home by police.  The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services is working to assist the children and the elderly woman.

Lile says they are in the process of cleaning up the home.

As for the animals, they were taken by Kenton County Animal Control.

Police tell FOX19 they expect more charges to come in the future that could include animal abuse and elder abuse.

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