Long-stalled plans to build life size Noah's ark revived

Creation Museum funding spurs ark project

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY (FOX19) - Long-stalled plans to build a life size replica of Noah's ark have been revived in Northern Kentucky.

Creation Museum founder Ken Ham says his ministry, Answers in Genesis, raised enough money to begin construction through the use of municipal bonds.

The project will be built in the city of Williamstown, Ky. with construction scheduled to begin in May.

When the project is completed, it's expected to draw some 1.6-million visitors a year.

Kristyn Brionez of Burlington, Ky. says she and her husband, Eric, can't wait.

"Oh, we're definitely looking forward to it. We want to bring our kids. We've got two boys coming up and we just want to show them how God created this wonderful world," says Brionez.

Robert Sanford and his family traveled from central Illinois to visit the Creation Museum and plan to see the Ark Encounter.

"It's needed to let people know about God's creation and what happened during the flood. We've been supporting them for many years and even supporting the Arc Encounter as well," says Sanford.

It's that kind of support plus a successful bond issue that the Ministry's Chief Action Officer, Mike Zovath, says has put the first phase of the project back on track.

"We've master-planned the whole Arc Encounter," says Zovath. "We're building phase one which is the Arc, which is the central attraction, and then we can let the market decide whether they want a Tower of Babel next or a walled city with a lot of retail. We're really leaning toward the walled city - what we call the walled city. It's retail shops, it's little restaurants and street theatre and that sort of thing."

The goal is to make it similar to Main Street at Disney theme park. There will also be a petting zoo and a labyrinth of trails for visitors.

Zovath says the third phase will be decided by the market.

"It could be a Tower of Babel, it could be a first century village, it could be a walk through the history of Israel."

People from all over the world are expected to visit the Ark Encounter which will be built in four or five phases and if all goes as planned a grand opening will be held in the Summer of 2016.

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