Falling snow, ice making streets tough to treat

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As snow continues to fall, crews are fighting to clear primary streets and to keep them clear.

In some areas, crews are using the salt/sand mixture to stretch salt supplies. Crews are plowing and treating streets but snowfall is continuing to recover streets.
Making primary roads as clear and passable as possible for the morning commute is the crews' first priority.

However, crews are seeing only temporary success on primary roads before they are quickly covered again with new snow.
Morning travel will be difficult at best. Many streets remain unplowed. Streets that have been plowed and treated are covering over with new snow.
Motorists should use extreme caution if traveling this morning.

Quick facts:

  • The City currently has approximately 47 trucks working to clear City streets.
  • The City started this event with 2700 tons of salt on hand.
  • Crews are focused on road safety. Every effort is being made to keep the roads as safe as possible with the resources available.

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