Harsh winter extends into March, many residents feel 'winter fatigue'

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There comes a point in the winter season when you are really tired of snow - and then comes that next point when you just don't know how much more you can take. It may be safe to say most of the tri-state has hit that point.   

At 88-years-old, Walt Messer was having a rough winter day Monday.

"My cart won't run. It won't kick. It's wet," said Messer.

Riding from Bellevue to Newport, Messer's only mode of transportation - a three wheel scooter- died halfway there. Earlier this winter, it was even worse.

"Yeah, it's been bad on me. When we had that really bad day, I fell in a snow pile and I couldn't get up. So most all of my fingers are frost bitten," said Messer.

He's not the only one. Branden Hoffmann is staying home again from his job in construction, making for another winter day without pay.

"Makes the ground real hard to drill into. It slows pretty much everybody down," says Hoffmann.

On such a perfect snow day, on a perfect sledding hill, no one is out to enjoy the fun part of winter except for Emily Twehues and her brother William.

After building four snowmen already this winter, this kindergartner admits she kind of misses school.

"On Monday, we go to library," says Emily.

Thousands of Tri-State residents say they have never seen this much snow in Cincinnati in one winter, leaving many of them hoping it's a sign of an unusually warm spring to come.

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