Businesses work to keep dollars coming through offseason, prepare for Opening Day

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - In just four weeks, the Reds will return home to Great American Ball Park for the 2014 campaign.

Until then, with the Bengals and Reds not playing for several months during the winter, businesses are left finding ways to keep the money flowing when the outs and touchdowns are not driving sales.

It's been about six months since the Reds took the field, and two months since the Bengals wrapped up their season.

"It is always a lot more fun, a lot more busy, a lot more crazy whenever the Reds and Bengals are in town," said Tyson Shultzabarger, Tin Roof's general manager.

Tin Roof is one of a number of places packed on game day.  It's those days that restaurant employees say are some of their busiest.

"During the week it is a little bit slower.  Normally on a Monday night when it's wintertime, we wouldn't have this influx of people down here if there wasn't anything going on at US Bank, and with the Reds not going on.  There's definitely a difference in business," said Shultzabarger.

Foot traffic around The Banks on Monday night is thanks to a concert at U.S. Bank Arena.

"We always continually market, always try to get radio shows, always get our name out there," said Paul Goebel, an ownership partner of Holy Grail.

Much like a team preparing to take the field next season, some businesses at The Banks are doing the same.  They're fine-tuning themselves, and getting ready for a new year.

"You take the time to repair everything, make sure the restaurant gets clean, reevaluate your costs, reevaluate your menu," said Goebel.

As the Reds prep for opening day in Arizona, the businesses 2,000 miles away can't wait until they finally get home.

"We are centrally located right here and rely on them a lot," Shultzabarger told FOX19.

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