J. Gumbos celebrates Mardi Gras with authentic Louisiana cooking

(FOX19) - Looking for a Cajun restaurant that serves authentic Louisiana food? J. Gumbos is the place to go!

5 Most Popular Myths about Cajun Cooking:

  1. All Cajun food is spicy! FALSE! Cajun and Creole cuisine is centered around great flavors and generous use of herbs and spices, but that does not mean that all of it is spicy. Most Cajun cookin' is well seasoned and full of flavor, not spicy.
  2. All Cajun food contains seafood. FALSE. While gulf seafood is an important part of the Cajun diet, equally important are great ingredients like chicken, pork and beef. Likewise, fresh veggies are a vital part of Cajun cuisine.
  3. Kids don't like Cajun food. FALSE! We grew up on these recipes in Grand Couteau, Louisiana. Kids love our Bourbon Street Chicken, Red Beans n' Rice and Jambalaya.
  4. Cajun food isn't healthy. While we cannot speak for all Cajun restaurants, we can say that our food contains no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. We cook with only fresh ingredients. Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious meals for everyone.
  5. Cajun food is greasy. Not at all! While many of our stews use olive oil, we use it sparingly and mostly only to roast our garlic. Our sauces are rich and hearty, not greasy

To learn more, visit www.jgumbos.com

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