Top five movies filmed in Cincinnati

(FOX19) - With the recent news that Cate Blanchett is coming to Cincinnati to film Carol, we thought it would be appropriate to reminisce the past movies that have been filmed here in the Queen City!

Top five movies filmed in Cincinnati:

Fun fact: Most of the school scenes were filmed at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Fun fact: They shot some scenes in Pittsburgh and some in Cincinnati. The director often interchanged the skyline.

Ides of March:

Fun fact: Several times in the movie, characters ask young interns if they are "Bearcats," which refers to the University of Cincinnati. George Clooney attended the University of Cincinnati (briefly), though he never graduated from college.

Fun fact: The house they used in the film is located on Edwards Road in Hyde Park.

Fun fact: They shot the famous tooth pick scene at Pompilios in Newport, Ky. They used this restaurant because it's where the crew liked to eat!

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