Cincinnati officials hold security meeting in wake of Greenpeace's P&G breach

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell told the media Thursday he believes The Banks and the downtown corridor are safe. However, in light of the incident at Proctor and Gamble earlier this week, it is time to take a second look at security.

It was a bold display Tuesday at Proctor and Gamble. Greenpeace activists using zip lines to unveil banners from the 12th floor. P&G says an activist posing as a businessman on the way to a meeting let the others in. It is a security breach Chief Jeffery Blackwell says could have been much worse.

"We take what happened the other day very seriously," says Chief Blackwell.

Cincinnati Police, along with federal authorities, plan to hold a security summit for Fortune 500 companies and downtown businesses in the hopes of preventing future stunts.

"We are just fortunate that it was Greenpeace and they didn't have nefarious intentions that had any nexus to terrorism or any other harmful act," says Chief Blackwell.

While Chief Blackwell believes the majority of Cincinnati businesses have proper plans in place, it is time to take a second look at security.

"This gives the opportunity for folks, business owners, building managers, hotel managers to look at their plans, to assess where they are and then to try to gauge or grade their vulnerability to something like this happening or something even worse," says Chief Blackwell.

At the meeting Thursday, leaders discussed where and when they might hold this security summit. They say it is important to start a dialogue between police and businesses. Both sides can share information to prevent a much more tragic security breach.

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