Trending today: Machine turns water into wine & National Day of Unplugging

Introducing the "Miracle Machine," which essentially turns water into wine with the help of an iPhone or Android device (Vimeo/TheMiracleMachine).
Introducing the "Miracle Machine," which essentially turns water into wine with the help of an iPhone or Android device (Vimeo/TheMiracleMachine).

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"Miracle Machine" turns water into wine 

Reflecting on the Bible passage of when Jesus turned water into wine, two men wondered how they could do the same with modern day technology. And thus, "The Miracle Machine" was born. Kevin Boyer and Philip James are behind "the world's first affordable winemaking device for the home." You can make the wine in just three days with the help of an iPhone app and Bluetooth connections. While the appliance is $499, the cost to make a bottle comes out to be just $2. They're currently in the funding stages of this product.

Types you can make: Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, Pinot Noir, Tuscan blend from Italy, Sauvignon Blanc, and a delicate red and a steely white from Burgundy.

Here's how it works:

-Choose a recipe from the app.

-Purchase the yeast, grape concentrate and finishing powder ingredients from The Miracle Machine website or Amazon.

-Add water, yeast and grape concentrates and turn the machine on.

-Let the fermentation chamber make miracles.

-Get updates on your phone about the progress of your wine.

-Add the sachet of finishing powder to impart oak and other flavors that will allow your wine to taste as if it has been aging for several months to a year.

-Wait for the smart phone alert in about three days that your wine is done and ready for drinking.


Friday is National Day of Unplugging

Last week, a 19-year-old California student was reported missing after she stopped responding to Snapchats and texts messages. It turned out that was fine. The student has simply turned off her phone for a while. The expectation of constant, instant communication has become the norm. We're "always on," if you will.

Friday marks the start of the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging, which is an initiative launched by the national nonprofit group Reboot to help people take a break from their always-on lifestyles. Participants are encouraged to put away their phones, tablets, laptops and other Internet-connected devices from sunset Friday to sundown Saturday for a digital sabbath. Participants are also encouraged to sign a pledge on the event's website and post a photo of themselves saying why they unplug.

Note: Before you drop off the grid, be sure to give people a heads up to friends, family and perhaps your boss who may expect instant responses.

High School Hysteria : North voting begins Friday

Moving on from the EAST bracket: Turpin, Madeira, Milford, Glen Este, McNicholas, Moeller, St. Bernard, St. Ursula. Voting for the NORTH bracket beings Friday!

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