City leaders show support for Mahogany's

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The owner of Mahogany's at The Banks now has three days to pay up or move out.

Owner Liz Rogers made a partial $26,000 payment on Tuesday, which was the original deadline to escape eviction. She told FOX19 Friday she will come up with the remaining $38,000 by her extended deadline of 5 p.m. Monday.

A promotional event at Mahogany's on Friday drew hundreds of customers, including several city leaders - all of them showing their financial support for the only African American-owned business at The Banks.

"Everybody is working with each other as business transactions go and we don't see any future problems," said Rogers.

Despite recent financial troubles, Rogers says she will make her $38,000 payment to her landlord on Monday. FOX19 has also learned Rogers is behind on taxes and payments to the city on a $300,000 loan. Despite that, some council members say they have full confidence Rogers will come through.

"There is no business down here that the city has not helped soothe the way for. So whether it has been in the form of a grant or the form of a loan or tax abatements, whatever it has taken to make this happen but the payoff for the citizens is huge," says Councilman Wendell Young.

Rogers blames the brutal winter for much of her financial woes and a former manager who embezzled thousands of dollars from Mahogany's. She hopes that with baseball season in sight, that will score more visitors.

"I think if they could get through these winter months, like all of the other businesses here in the winter months, I think these are going to be some flourishing starting in April," says Councilman Charlie Winburn.

"It is just a slow season. It doesn't mean we are closing or close to closing or anything like that. It's just that these are ups and downs. Every business has it's peaks and valleys," says Rogers.

It is a problem Rogers says all businesses at the banks are dealing with but she has hopes the worst of the troubles are behind them.

"We are praying for all of our neighbors and in about three weeks, I think everything is going to be awesome for everybody," says Rogers.

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