Dogs' Duds-Halloween

Fancy costumes, up to $240, for pampered pooches on Halloween

People gussying up their dogs for Halloween can go whole hog to have the top dog this year thanks to E-and-E Hallstrom Haute Couture. That's right -- it's a high-end clothing company for dogs. The company outside New York City has a special Halloween line that can turn Cleo into Cleopatra and Max into Merlin the Magician for a price -- 200 to 240 dollars. Says co-founder Eva Hallstrom, "Dogs like to feel glamorous." The costumes are made from silk, velvet, leather and brocade. They feature collars, buckles, detailed embroidery, fringes, semiprecious stones and pearls. They are fastened around the dog with snaps or handsome buttons. No velcro because that sticks to fur and dogs don't like that. So far, the Hallstroms have sold five of their costumes and expect to do better with a longer lead time next year.