3000 backlogged rape kits tested in Ohio

(FOX19) - Ohio crime labs have tested more than 3,000 Sexual Assault Kits (SAKS) as a part of a two year initiative to diminish the backlog of untested kits.

"The testing has helped to convict people in connection with crimes they likely thought they were got away with," said Attorney General Mike DeWine, who in 2011 began offering free DNA testing to any Ohio law enforcement agency with untested rape kits.

Cincinnati submitted 338 kits to be DNA tested, with 87 of those kits hitting a match in CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), a database containing collected DNA from certain criminal offenders.

992 matches in CODIS have been hit in the entire state.

Backlogged, untested kits sat in crime labs for years due to limited lab and police resources, but thanks to advanced technology, the availability of DNA testing has increased.

State officials say over 5,000 kits have been submitted for testing and that they continue to be submitted regularly.

A recently tested kit from nearly 20 years ago, according to officials, led to the conviction of a Cuyahoga man, who was sentenced to a maximum of 50 years in prison.

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