Kelly Rippin reports: Number of deadly fires on the rise

(FOX19) - New figures show the number of deadly fires is on the rise. FOX19's Kelly Rippin is live in Hebron to explain.

Just in the last week, Rippin reports that we've had a fatal fire in Cold Spring and another in Wyoming.

Unfortunately, fire crews say this is a trend they're seeing across the country.

Mike Fronimos of the Hebron Fire Protection District says there are several ways to prevent these fires from happening:

  • Make sure your smoke detector is working properly with fresh batteries.
  • Always use a proper candleholder, and keep candles away from anything flammable.
  • Keep portable heaters away from furniture, flammable items and always turn them off when you leave the house.
  • Place a fixed fire guard to place around an open fire.
  • Unplug all electrical items before you go to bed.
  • Always use correctly rated fuses in all electrical appliances.
  • Never run electrical cables/leads under carpets.

To learn more about the Hebron Fire Protection District, visit

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