Police engage in 2 car chases, 2 suspects arrested

The second accident in Bond Hill
The second accident in Bond Hill
First accident on southbound I-75 at Paddock Road
First accident on southbound I-75 at Paddock Road

SPRINGFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) - Police have arrested two men for separate crimes following two police chases on Monday morning.

Officers say that the first police chase occurred just before 9 a.m. Monday as authorities attempted to stop a suspect on Vine Street. Police say the suspect was wanted on several drug charges following an ongoing investigation.

As officers attempted to pull over the suspect vehicle, he fled the scene. Police say the suspect entered southbound I-75 at a high rate of speed.

The officer initially attempting the stop did not pursue the vehicle. Instead, he gave a vehicle description to other officers in the area.

"Approximately 15 seconds into it, [the vehicle] was involved in multiple accidents," explains Captain Jeff Butler. "He fled across the highway."

The accident happened on southbound I-75 at Paddock Road. Police say that the suspect vehicle struck two cars on the highway. Only minor injuries were reported.

Officers say that the suspect was apprehended by authorities four blocks away from the accident  in Springfield Township.

While searching for the fleeing suspect, police say officers came across a suspect involved in a second offense. Police say they identified a stolen vehicle while searching for the initial suspect.

"Officers were out with the license plate reader card. It came back on an entered vehicle, totally unrelated," says Butler.

Police then tried to initiate a stop on the second vehicle in the 1200 block of Section Road in Bond Hill. The second vehicle also fled from police. The suspect vehicle fled a short distance before flipping his vehicle and crashing into a telephone police.

"When you are using some of the high-end technology that we do, you are never surprised at what you have. It was good observation skills and good old-fashioned police work  by the officer that recognized another crime that was occurring," says Butler. "We've made two arrest for two individuals that are felonies. They're now off the streets of the city of Cincinnati."

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