Trending today: World Wide Web turns 25 & the weird new 'Whaling' craze

Photo: Vine user StarsCHI_nHutch
Photo: Vine user StarsCHI_nHutch

(FOX19) - While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. And it's amazing what the Internet comes up with.

Check out what people are tweeting, sharing and talking about.

Starbucks adding digital tips to mobile app

Want to tip your Starbucks barista? The coffee chain will soon let customers leave tips with its mobile app. Starbucks says the mobile tipping option, which it announced more than a year ago, will be available on its updated app for iPhones beginning March 19.

After paying with the app, customers will be able to leave a tip of 50 cents, $1 or $2 anytime within two hours of the transaction. The tipping option will only be available at the 7,000 of the roughly 11,000 Starbucks locations in the U.S.

The Starbucks mobile payment app has actually surged in popularity, with approximately one out of every 10 purchases now made with a mobile device.

Happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web!

My how far we've come in 25 years! On March 12, 1989 computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper proposing the architecture that would become the World Wide Web. (The Internet started development in the 1960s). A simple file-sharing service for scientists. Instead, it paved the way for the tech giants of today, to simplify the things we do every day.

In 1995, only 14 percent of Americans told the Pew Research Center they used the Internet. Maybe it had something to do with those slow dial-up modems. According to Pew, that number jumped to 46 percent by 2000 and stands at 87 percent today.

It's amazing to think about all the ways we use it today. Getting directions, staying on top of news, procrastination, over-sharing, staying in touch with loved ones, banking and paying bills, watching TV and movies, working from home, dating, getting an education and even becoming famous (Justin Bieber).

Come to think of it, I wouldn't even have a job. So happy birthday, Internet.

#Whaling could be the weirdest Internet trend ever

Remember planking? There seems to be a new social media trend on the scene that requires one to be a bit more, well, flexible. It's called #whaling.

Vine user Worldchamp Santwon claims to be the creator of this body-bending skill, and there are tons of 6-second videos of people hurling themselves backwards as it they were breaching out of the ocean.

Defined by Vine, whaling is "to dive backwards with one's body in a public or unusual place, like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean." Public places include Forever 21, the grocery store and elevators.

Pro tip: Be sure to stretch before attempting.

High School Hysteria: East schools

High School Hysteria winners from the WEST bracket on Tuesday were Elder, Mercy, Oak Hills and Roger Bacon.

Wednesday the EAST schools go head-to-head in Round Two: Turpin versus Madeira, Milford versus Glen Este, McNicholas versus Moeller and St. Bernard versus St. Ursula!

Use your spirit fingers to vote on our Facebook page or tweet us (@FOX19). Only votes with #19HShysteria will be counted.

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