Latest Hollywood dirt: Frank Ocean's harsh words to Chipotle, Lena Dunham may call it quits

Latest Hollywood news

(FOX19) - Here is the latest Hollywood news you need to start your day:

Justin Bieber will face trial on May 5 for his DUI arrest in Miami back in January.

Bieber was not in court but his defense attorneys were. Bieber plead not guilty to driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

In other news, Frank Ocean has some harsh words for Chipotle. The singer refunded Chipotle's money after they sued him for backing out of one of their commercials.

Ocean says he thought the ad was to promote responsible farming, not the company itself. Chipotle says they haven't gotten the check yet but would love to put the matter to rest.

See what Ocean wrote on the check in the video above!

In HBO news, Lena Dunham says she might be calling it quits. The "GIRLS" creator tells Glamour Magazine that she may give up acting to work more behind the camera. She says she'd rather giving the acting opportunities to other women.

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