Villa Hills mayor suspends police chief without pay

VILLA HILLS, KY (FOX19) - The Villa Hills mayor is filing charges against the city's police chief, suspending him without pay.

Dan Goodenough has led the Villa Hills Police Department for almost three decades, but mayor Mike Martin wants to keep it from going any longer.

"Suddenly the mayor has gone on this witch hunt to go after Chief Goodenough," said Randy Freking, Goodenough's attorney.

The charges included in the complaint pertain to "inefficiency, misconduct (rude behavior), insubordination, violation of the law and violation of city policies, including police department policies."

Freking says this punishment is ridiculous, and it should be about progressive discipline.

"Warnings, suspensions things like that. The capital punishment of employment is not necessary here," said Freking.

Martin made it clear early that Wednesday's meeting wasn't a public forum and he provided only a brief statement. The statement upset some of those in attendance.

"He doesn't like to hear from us as citizens, he's made that quite obvious. He also intimidates the citizens," said Villa Hills resident Larry Heinzelman.

Some locals even showed their support for Chief Goodenough, because some say they just don't feel as safe in the city.

"He has not fully staffed the police force since he's been mayor. We've been one or two officers short for over three years now," said Heinzelman.

Martin argues saying they're continuing to patrol the streets as well as they did before and if they need it, they'll even have help from the Kenton County Sheriffs Office.

"Every street is being patrolled, we still have a solid 24/7 coverage with our police department, investigations are happening. Our residents are safe," said Villa Hills Mayor Martin.

In the meantime, the city of Villa Hills says they're interviewing several candidates for part time police officer positions.

"We just have a couple little hurdles to get through, like any other city," said Martin.

A hear took place on Monday to discuss the future of the Chief. It lasted nearly five hours and council did not get to a vote. The hearing will resume next Monday at 6 p.m.

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