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President of AMA talks about new Federal Healthcare law

Dr. Ardis Hoven Dr. Ardis Hoven

The deadline to sign up for theAffordable Care Act is approaching. As the debate surrounding the Healthcarelaw continues, one major medical group stands behind it, saying this countryneeded a change when it comes to health care. Dr. Ardis Hoven, the President ofthe American Medical Association, was in Montgomery on Thursday.

"We know the uninsured live sickerand die younger," Dr. Hoven stated.

With that knowledge and the fact that 50million people in America were uninsured, the American Medical Associationbelieved something had to be done. Which is why, although AMA leaders believeit's not perfect, they stand behind the Affordable Care Act.

"Young men and woman are still beingcovered on their parents insurance," Dr. Hoven claimed. "You've gotpre-existing conditions that have been eliminated and we've spent more money onprevention and wellness."

Dr. Hoven says preventative measuresshould greatly help improve health in this country, something the new lawtargets.

"We want people to get into thegrove of getting good prevention, and wellness care so we can prevent many of thesediseases and complications."

"On every office visit we have toinquire about unhealthy lifestyle activities," said Dr. Wick Many, a doctor atthe UAB School of Medicine Montgomery Regional Medical Campus. "So the outcomeprevention is what's going to have a significant early impact prior to any ofthe economic changes that we'll see."

For many, it's too early to tell what theimpact of Obamacare will have on the country, both positive and negative. He'scertain, no matter if it stays the same or changes, the patient should be topof mind.

"Whether you agree with theAffordable Care Act or disagree with the Affordable Care Act, it's that we arelosing the patient," Dr. Many stated. "You know, it's the patient whois sick, that's the most important thing."

"Look at this through the lens ofthe patient," Dr. Hoven said. "Look at the issue around that family or that patientand then make decisions."

More than four million people have signed up for Obamacare, but that's far from the administration's enrollment target.Fewer than 950,000 peoplesigned up within the last month. The deadline to enroll for coverage is March31. The AMAsays it will continue to work to improve the law, focusing on major issues with the exchange and regulatory requirementsthat may not be appropriate or practical.

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