Trending today: Mom teaches daughter about stranger danger & T. Rex's little cousin

A toddler in South Korea answered her mom's "stranger danger" questions in the most adorable fashion. Image: YouTube/DramaFever.
A toddler in South Korea answered her mom's "stranger danger" questions in the most adorable fashion. Image: YouTube/DramaFever.

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Girl answers mom's stranger danger questions in adorable way

In this adorable video, a mother in South Korea tries to teach her cute toddler what to say if confronted by a stranger who offers a big cookie, an ice cream cone or even a promise to go swimming.

For Ye Bin, however, she seems more interested in the cookies and fun than saying no.

Her mom asks, "A strange man says, 'Ye Bin, let's go eat cookies.' You say...?" and Ye Ben answers, "I like that!"

It's an important lesson about "stranger danger," but this little girl's confusion is too cute.

On your phone? Watch here:

Close relative of T-Rex discovered above Arctic Circle

The little cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered in northern Alaska.

A team of paleontologists announced that fossilized remains recovered from a remote site in northern Alaska belong to a new species of pygmy tyrannosaur. It was only around half the size of the famous T-rex, but it was still around 25 feet long and weighed some 1,000 pounds.

Having been found near the top of the world shows that relatives of T-rex survived and thrived in extreme polar environments, some 70 million years ago.

Paleontologists believe it was covered in fuzz, and its small size was a result of lack of food readily available in the Arctic.

Check it out:

St. Patrick's Day events around the Tri-State

St. Patrick's Day is Monday!

What we now know as St. Paddy's Day began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland. It has since become an international phenomenon celebrating Irish culture with parades, shamrocks, food, drinking and lots of green.

And in case you have to work on Monday, there are plenty of events happening on Saturday and Sunday. Check out our full list here:

High School Hysteria: We're down to the Sweet 16!

Schools headed to the Sweet 16 in our High School Hysteria Tournament: Covington Catholic, Holmes, Simon Kenton, Walnut Hills, Turpin, Glen Este, McNicholas, St. Ursula, Oak Hills, Elder, Mercy, Roger Bacon, Kings, Princeton, Mt. Healthy and St. Xavier.

Sweet 16 voting begins Monday. Get the entire schedule and details here.

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