Cab companies consider safety after driver murdered

Image: MGN
Image: MGN
FOX19 Photo: Keyawhan Lowe and Dakeith Pleasant in court.
FOX19 Photo: Keyawhan Lowe and Dakeith Pleasant in court.

Two men accused of killing a cab driver faced a judge on Friday.

Police say Keyawhan Lowe and Dakeith Pleasant shot and killed Mamadou Diop in North Fairmount Wednesday morning.

Local cab companies are taking extra precautions following Wednesday's shooting.

"I know him he's a good guy, he has a family. Just shocked, it's scary," said Zaq Dhudhi.

"This guy was just minding his business, out to earn a living for his family and all of a sudden gets his life taken," says Moe Bashir.

Cab drivers with river front taxi, say they immediately received a message from dispatch that something had happened.

"Our cabs we informed as soon as we got the info and we told everybody to kind of take a second look at who they're picking up," says Moe Bashir.

Less than two years ago, police tried to capture a suspect who carjacked a cab and forced the driver into the trunk. The cab driver later died from his injuries. Zaq Dhudhi is a cab driver who says they can't fear finding themselves in these situations.

"This is our job, this is our living, that's why we have to do it" said Zaq Dhudhi.

But how can cabbies prevent a violent attack? Moe Bashir says they really don't have any way to protect themselves except go with their instincts. He says it's the second look at a customer that helps.

"It's hard to detect but we do our best. We tell the driver if there's a doubt, don't mess with it," says Moe Bashir.

"When we see the bad attitude and we know that he has a bad attitude we let them go. We say okay thank you so much don't call us again" said Zaq Dhudhi.

There's been discussion to allow cab drivers to have a concealed carry license. But Bashir says he's a bit skeptical.

"If somebody is coming at you to shoot, that is his motive of intention. No matter whether you have a gun or not, they'll get you," says Moe Bashir.

River Front Taxi says they also work with law enforcement to help them when deal with suspicious or problem passengers.

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