Locals react to missing Malaysia Airlines plane

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As the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 deepens, so does the anxiety of many Malaysians living in Cincinnati.

FOX19's Gordon Graham talked to one local man who has three relatives on that flight

There's a lot of anxiety and frustration over the pace of the investigation. Locally, many Malaysians meet at a restaurant in Mason called the Straits of Malacca where co-owner Alvin Liew tells FOX19 the missing jetliner has been the main topic of conversation.

"Thirty eight Malaysians are on the plane and we are worried about, you know, what's going to come next whether it has landed or exploded we don't know," explained Liew.

"Everybody says different things, but who to believe, but right now we're just waiting for the truth," said Liew, who described the conflicting information to be the most frustrating.

While the truth about the jetliner's fate remains elusive, there's an ever present sadness for those who had family on board. Azwan Mattaridi, a Malaysian living in the Mason area, says it's difficult not knowing the fate of his relatives aboard the jetliner.

"It hits me quite close because I actually have three distant relatives that actually perished in that plane and as a Malaysian living overseas it's even harder," said Mattaridi.

Meanwhile, Alvin Liew's sister, Susan Giovengo, who also co-owns Straits of Malacca says the Malaysian government deserves credit for its handling of a very difficult situation.

"I'm actually impressed in the sense that this is this is not a small thing in having so many countries involved to actually have such a multi-party collaboration led by the Malaysian government. I'm actually quite proud of them."

"Definitely there's room for improvement to say the very least. We need to move this along faster than it is so that we have some kind of closure," said Azwan Mattaridi, a believer that the Malaysian government's handling of the incident is not without fault.

Grace Yek says she has a lot of empathy for those who have lost loved ones.

"Certainly saddened by what is potentially a big loss of life and just thinking about how the families are going through this, how are they feeling. Very unsettling because of the mystery that has yet to be solved," Yek said.

Many area Malaysians get information about what's going on with friends and family and back home and the search through social media.

Lately they've been staying very close to their mobile devices to make sure they get information about the missing jetliner as soon as it becomes available.

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