Mother of Brown Co. inmate Zachary Goldson speaks out

Zachary Goldson, file photo
Zachary Goldson, file photo

Six months after Zachary Goldson died inside the Brown County Jail, Goldson's mother says she finally sat down with state investigators Monday afternoon.

"I think a lot of it is political and I was pretty much told that because of that, that is why it is taking so long," says Dennis.

In dash cam video obtained by FOX19, officers are heard threatening Goldson telling him they would hold a 'welcome party' for him when he arrived at the Brown County Jail.

"To think that the last hour of his life, that is how he was talked to. I don't know what he was thinking. He was probably scared to death," says Dennis. "I know he wasn't perfect. I know what he did was wrong but I don't think he deserved that. I don't think anybody does."

Brown County deputies say they found Goldson hanging in his jail cell but the coroner declared his death a homicide adding he may have also been handcuffed. The Brown County Sheriff's Office disputes those claims.

Monday, Dennis sat down with BCI investigators for the first time since her son's death. She says they told her they are within a week or two of wrapping up the investigation.

"I just want answers. Nothing is going to bring him back. He's never coming back and that is what I want. But that is not going to happen. But yeah, I want answers," says Dennis.

FOX19 reached out to the Brown County Sheriff's Office but they were not available for comment. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations say at this point, the case is still open.

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